Trust Board

The Foundation’s Trust Board was chaired by former Prime Minister David Lange from 1999 until Mr Lange’s death in 2005; by Professor Andrew Sharp until 2006; by Professor Jane Kelsey until 2012;  by Sir Edmund Thomas until 2016; and, currently, Simon Collins.


  • Noam Chomsky

Current members:

  • Simon Collins (Chair; Social Issues Reporter, NZ Herald)
  • Dr Geoff Kemp (Secretary; Senior Lecturer in Political Studies, Auckland University)
  • Bryan Nunweek (Treasurer; Company Director)
  • Bryan Bruce (Documentary Maker & Author)
  • Simon Collins (Social Issues Reporter, NZ Herald)
  • Thomas Graydon-Guy
  • Dr Joce Jesson (Superannuitant, Honorary Senior Researcher at Auckland University and AUT University)
  • Dr Anita Lacey (Senior Lecturer in Political Studies, Auckland University)
  • Annabelle Lee
  • Qiane Matata-Sipu (Freelance Writer and Photojournalist, Qiane Media + Photography)

Past members include:

  • Dr Joe Atkinson
  • Hugh Fletcher
  • Mark Ford
  • Camille Guy
  • Professor Jane Kelsey
  • David Lange
  • Nicola Legat
  • Dr Andrew Sharp
  • Jon Stephenson
  • Gary Swift
  • Sir Edmund (Ted) Thomas
  • Dr Brent Wheeler